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Supporting a Brighter Life is a small, non-profit organisation that originated in Cardiff, 2007.  It is run by Rosanne Ball and Simon Kittle, in association with Frank Smith, who is based in Thailand.  Rose works full-time as a nurse.  Frank works full-time in Thailand for Supporting Heart Ministries, predominantly with those affected by HIV/Aids in the Mae Chen province in the North of Thailand.

The vision for Supporting a Brighter Life began following a trip to Thailand in the summer of 2005 with the London based Christian mission organisation Ambassadors for All Nations.  There we met and worked alongside Frank Smith, becoming more aware of the needs of those affected by HIV/Aids in Mae Chen. One of the needs that struck us the most was that of the children and their education.  When an adult member of a family becomes infected by HIV/AIDS it affects the children.  Often it means there is no money to support the child through school (with materials, uniform, etc) so whilst it is free to go to school children are stopped from doing so by being unable to afford their own materials.

Whilst we are all aware of the vast needs in the world today, we felt that this was one need that we could work to meet. Hence Supporting a Brighter Life was created, not as a large organisation or charity, but as a small simple way to enable others to help us to meet this need.