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April 2018
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Summer 2015 update

Dear Supporters,

Please find our latest newsletter in PDF format or as a web page.

Simon and Rose

Summer 2014 news update

Dear Supporters,

Please find our latest newsletter in PDF format or as a web page.

Simon and Rose

Summer 2013 update

Dear Supporters,

Here is the latest update for the summer of 2013:

PDF Version (for download and printing), Web version (for online viewing).

Many thanks for all your continued support,

Everyone at Supporting a Brighter Life

School year 2012/13: brief update

Dear Supporters,

We’re pleased to announced that we’ve had another successful year, funding 32 children to attend school.  That’s 3 more than last year.  More details are to follow soon.

We’d like to say a big thank you to all our supporters, who have enabled this work to continue for another year.

Everyone at Supporting a Brighter Life

Update from partner in Thailand

Dear Supporters,

Frank, our mission partner in Thailand, has recently sent around an update concerning his work.  What follows is a version of his newsletter edited for online presentation.  Names of the children mentioned have been changed to protect privacy.  Frank writes:

We at Supporting Heart (Sai Jai Yai Rak) pray that you are all well and continuing to “Grow Strong in Spirit” 

I apologise for the length of this news up-date & will endeavour to write more frequently and make the next one shorter.

As we look back and reflect on last year we are so grateful & thankful of all the blessings that HE has poured into our lives & ministry Supporting Heart, to have been in the position of passing on those blessings to others has been a great honour. What an awesome God we have.

As we sought  after “His Will” for Supporting Heart at the beginning of last year, we believed HE wanted us to continue in our present ministry, putting more focus on  “Building Homes for the Poor” “Educating the Poor” & “ Feeding the Poor,  which is what we tried to do.

Out of the three projects, “Building Homes for the Poor” proved to be the most difficult as we were continually confronted with problems. The early rains, shortage of material, price increases & local authority corruption, which resulted in one of our team member’s imminent danger of being arrested .  As of February 2012, we were still unable to recommence . However "We Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Us" (Phil 4:13) , and we are standing firm in that Faith, for we already have the victory and fight from it.  ….

“Educating the Poor” this project still amazes me. It is and has been at the top of my priority list for years. Since 2008 thanks to Supporting a Brighter Life (SABL). Supporting Heart has been able each year to send over 30 children, infected or affected by HIV/AIDS to school in Thailand with a full sponsorship.  The difference it is making & will continue to make in our children’s lives is so important & such a blessing.

It amazes me because since 2003 while serving alongside another NGO we tried every year to place our “Street Children” into school in their own country and never succeeded. The schools, the authorities, the families, the agents, the pimps, "whoever claimed to own our children" all said NO. The reasons stated were many and varied, however I believe it boils down to the fact they are street children, they have no ID, have no rights, therefore are used by family & others to beg, steal, even sell drugs & their bodies to earn money for others greed or addictions. 

Then in 2010 God said, “Send some children to school” and we were blessed to get 31 street children off the street, out of risk and into school. The new school year starts in May and in 2011/12, we were again blessed by our sponsor agreeing to sponsor another 10 children, making a total of 41 street children off the streets and into school. As well as 4 youth attending adult schooling in Thailand. We now have a waiting list of about 30 for the school year 2012/13.

It doesn’t stop there.

Via the Drop in Centre “Open Doors” we have been able to be able to assist with homework & extra study .We come alongside all, helping them to believe in themselves, endeavoring to give them back their self-worth, speaking into their lives, building foundations and  relationships. Unconditionally loving them for who they are, showing and demonstrating correct behavior, respect to others, trying to empower rather than control, explaining that the correct attitude is important. Then there is health & hygiene, team building skills, art, craft, painting, religious studies, musical skills, singing, dancing, etc. We are still looking for a break dancing teacher. …

“Feeding the Poor” Six days a week via the DiC, “Open Doors”, Supporting Hearts has been blessed to offer nutritional meals to whom ever comes through the door. Because we now have so many children off the street and into school our numbers have dropped to 15 -20 a day, which has enable the team to offer more personal attention & training, however during school holidays and weekends we can feed up to 50/60 hungry individuals per day.

When doing home visits to our HIV/AIDS families and our street children’s families, Supporting Hearts continues to supply nutritional food, as well as spiritual feeding. The team also looks at assisting folks with Income Generating Projects, encouraging self-sufficiency.  …

In March 2011, Burma experienced a 6.8 magnitude earthquake a short distance from the Drop in Center & Mae Sai boarder, causing vast destruction in villages, with infrastructure, homes, schools, churches destroyed and many lives lost. Thanks to your donations Supporting Heart was able to assist in a small way by our team visiting some the villages, providing medical supplies, blankets, emergency food relief, bottled water, water filtration systems. We supplied a complete village that had its water supply destroyed with new piping, and blessed some families with temporary bamboo homes.

2011 was not all good news as we lost some of our extended family to the AIDS virus. One lady in particular still sticks in my mind. She became ill when I was in Australia and needed hospital treatment, however because she had an outstanding hospital bill due to a previous admission she would not go to hospital. Consequently she died leaving two children, one positive and one negative. An extremely sad case which could have been avoided had funds been available to assist her. We did however manage to keep her children together; they are now in a good children’s home.

Some of you might remember at the beginning of last year, Janice’s sister Kate wanted to study to become a Doctor, with the yearly fees of 50,000 Baht.   Thanks to your compassionate hearts the first year’s fees were met. We are so grateful, thank you, the great news is that out of 499 students attending Kate was 3rd, wow. However we need to cover her in prayer she has/is experiencing many hardships & percussions.  Out of the 499 students there are only about a dozen Christians. Kate is not shy to share the love & word of our Lord & this along with her high grades has/is causing problems from staff who try and make her life very difficult including restricting access to study material and students who steel her clothes and cut her shoes, as she leaves them outside the classroom.  Prayer  is also need while she stands in FAITH for this year’s study fees of 60,000 Baht, this does not include living expenses.

Christmas time last year was a joyful time for our team and our children as everyone loves the preparation and taking part in the celebrations. In our planning meetings we make a point of involving some of our children & youth and encourage them to participate. Apart from being a good opportunity to indirectly teach them about planning & organizing, it helps to give them a sense of purpose, take responsibility and build their confidence.  The children have so much joy making and decorating the DiC, they love singing worship songs and the excitement of being involved in Kingdom activities. This year we also were blessed to have a gifted team from IRIS Ministries Mozambique (Founded by Rolland & Heidi Baker ) with us, (thank you we always remember you and pray for you. ) we all enjoyed our time of perpetration together. We celebrated Christmas on the 24th with our extended family of about 200, plus invited guests.

Dow, who had been with us since June on internship left at the end of the month returning to her Bible school for graduation & then hopefully following the plans our Lord has for her. We all will miss her and remember her in our prayers. Ahue, Arjah brother who had been volunteering with us since the beginning of December has joined us on staff.

We want to say thank you to all the teams and visitors who dropped in and spent time with us and our extended family.

If anyone wants to visit us or bring a team, please contact us at and we will discuss it.  Just a reminder we must keep teams to a max of 8 people.

As I close the team and our extended family want to say a big Thank You to all for your continual support you are our heroes, without you we could not survive.

Love in Jesus

The team at Supporting Heart, Darunee & Frank.

If you would like to see the full update, or would like any further information of our partner on the ground in Thailand, please do get in touch.


Simon and Rose, Supporting a Brighter Life